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  • Não se esqueçam de entrar no Discord da comunidade
  • Novo torneio chegando em breve, fiquem ligados
  • Sorteio para a comunidade em breve

self-study is

Self-Study. This course is available on a fee-for-education basis. You only need to pay any amount to enroll, but the payment must be made within 10 days of the start of training. Administration of Yu-Learning guarantees you safety of all your confidential information (you won't have to pay for training twice).Parallel video" courseThis contentThis course is designed for those who just want to learn how to make video on the computer. With us you can find many lessons on how to create video and work with Flash Professional. Here you will also find an explanation of the Windows Movie Maker…

by henryhust770
6 de junho de 2022
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